Ok, Committing.!

I’ve been playing with the blog idea for awhile but was thinking that the world doesn’t really need another blog.  Not true!  I have things to say and I am convinced that there will be someone out there that may relate to the things I want to say.

So here goes.  About me.  Currently on crutches and have been since the end of November.  Surgery on my foot 5 weeks ago – 5 more to go and I’ll be walking again.  In this time of enforced reflection, with no real way to exercise, no driving and dependence I have been finding that one way to ease my restlessness is to write.  Last 2 weeks have been hell in my mind, and I vowed that I wouldn’t complain to anyone this weekend, and so far, so good.  I am fortunate that 1) my husband is available to shuttle me around and make me meals, 2) that this is temporary, despite how long it feels and I am not permanently injured and 3) I no longer make my living in the restaurant industry, so i can still work and make money.  I am sure there are other good things, but moving on…

I am in my early 40’s, currently an office manager for a company that buys and sells wine to an international clientele.  I have a B.A. in Anthropology and an Associates degree in Culinary Arts.  I have lived in the Adirondacks, Colorado, Northern and Southern California, Hawaii, and Connecticut.  I love music, books, food, wine, hanging with my family and entertaining.   I am looking to become more of a writer.  I am always in transition and hope to make use of the experiences I’ve had and help others.


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