Change Management


I now consider myself an expert in change.  I can say this because I have moved exactly 19 times.  Places lived include New York, Colorado, California, Hawaii, California, Connecticut, and California.  Yes, I have moved to CA 3 times so far.  My good friends have several pages in their address book with this collection of addresses.  Also, the nature of the restaurant industry is one of constant movement and change – and our family has seen our share of job changes.  While all this experience has been useful, it did not prepare me for the depth of change experienced in the past 3 years as I have been seeking my place in this new chosen career.  Looking through my journal, I found this note, dated August 16, 2013.  To this day it remains on the office wall.

During this career transition

Be open
Live in the moment
Be clear
Don’t let emotions rule
Don’t settle
Improve, grow
Trust my heart
Have faith
Use your instincts
Be fierce

Change is naturally upsetting, which can have benefits and drawbacks.  There is always a period of hellish raw chaos, but from that comes new ideas, fresh ways of thinking, a stronger sense of self and usually in my case, a new beautiful place to live.

Here are some of my rules for change, whether personal or in the workplace:

  1. Remember:  it’s temporary – things always settle down.
  2. That resentment you are feeling…honor that, then let it go.
  3. Cut yourself and others a little slack – rarely are we at our best or most confident during upheaval.
  4. Create some new rituals in the new environment.  Explore your surroundings.
  5. Label your boxes – literally and metaphorically.  If it’s a change in the workplace, reorganization, a layoff, a promotion, or an office move, it is good to sort out what it is you’ll need in the new situation.   Writing down your ideas at this stage can help clarify your thinking on both what you need to do and how you feel about it.

What are your rules for change?


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