Dust Off Your Workbench and Get To It!


Build. The word evokes visions of two by fours and dusty construction sites, workbenches, mismatched hardware, hammered thumbs, steadfast swearing, uncomfortable yellow hard hats, cement trucks pouring foundations and after what seems like too much time, negotiation, and spent resources and patience, you have a finished product. A house, say. Maybe a school or a church.   Something that was once an inkling of an idea, a what-if; now built. A tangible thing, a place that emerged after many hours of discussion, labor, financial review, cost/benefit analysis, marital or board of directors infighting, architect/contractor disagreements, supply chain disasters and the like – a place to come home to, to work in, to spend time in. Maybe a sanctuary.

Not everyone is building a physical structure or product though, but the ideas that are true in construction are also true for reshaping a career or starting something new in your own life. And, like construction there can be a lot of difficult and questionable work and doubt before the THING takes shape. If you get a flutter in your chest though, at what began as a very small, almost unnoticeable idea, listen. Develop. Don your hardhat, pour the foundation and build. There will be swearing, there will be infighting, resources will be tight. The effort is worth the energy. Believe in your idea, dust off the workbench and get to it.

Photo:  toolreporter.com.

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Writing and Crying

Working on my book tonight and crying as I write about how so many of us women are so unbelievably harsh and unforgiving of ourselves in so many ways, and it strips the joy and confidence from our lives and accomplishments.  What happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment we could all let ourselves feel and share with our families!  As a wife, mother,  daughter, sister, employee, the days can be long and difficult.  We deserve some moments of joy.

How is it that we have accepted this?

Please, whatever you are experiencing right now, allow yourself a lot less judgement and a lot more kindness as you walk this path.  I wish this for our men and boys, too.

Tim, Alex, Carl, Mom, Lyn, Lisa, Monica, Ariel Gore, Barbara Kingsolver, Isabelle Allende, Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver (and many others)…thank you for helping me see more clearly.