10 Little Ideas that Improve Civility and Make Life Better!

The greater good – seems by reading the news these days that many of our leaders aren’t interested in the greater good, and it is hard to hold the line of self-discipline against what benefits you and what serves the greater good, especially when we are faced with so much bad behavior. Our challenges these days are multilayered and complex, but here are ten things that are not, and that can immediately improve our sense of community.

  1. Turn Signals – and as many other forms of basic courtesy as possible.
  2. Letting someone get in front of you in the grocery store (we are all in a hurry, always.)
  3. Smiling at your coworkers.
  4. Taking one beat before speaking out in irritation; a short pause before reacting.
  5. Just…Listen.
  6. Ask questions – don’t assume.
  7. If you do assume, assume good intent.
  8. Be willing to follow intelligently and gracefully and appropriately (not sheep like).
  9. Be willing to interact with those around you (put the flat thing down).
  10. Practice kindness. This makes you stronger, not weaker.

And by the way, when you begin with an intent to improve or influence an outcome for the greater good, no matter how seemingly small…that is leadership and it is no small thing.