Welcome to Gray Matter!

A blog exploring ideas and perspectives on culture, leadership, development, and finding fulfillment – in business and at home.   

• Choosing health in mind, body, home, work and relationships
• Learning, self-awareness, and embracing the learning process (mistakes welcomed as opportunities)
• Big picture ideas: systems thinking and perspective
• Kindness and candor (it is possible)
• Enjoying daily moments of fulfillment (Why wait to smell the roses?)

My aim is to inspire the courage needed for the work of self leadership and to empower people to seek out and uncover their gifts in order to create a fulfilling and authentic life. In this way, we each become leaders.

The purpose – to share the best ideas, perspectives and thoughts on leadership and personal development in all areas of our lives.

Some background:
Early schooling includes a BA in Anthropology to improve my bartending chops, followed shortly by a stint at the Culinary Institute of America. It was here I started to understand the idea of “home” with my work – the kitchen is still my favorite place to be. After graduation, many years were spent in the restaurant business followed by various admin jobs in the early years of motherhood. A midlife Master’s program in Business/Executive Leadership (MSEL) at the University of San Diego saved my bacon (but caused other fires), and helped me realize my strengths; which include an accepting curiosity, an ability to hear what is REALLY being said and methods to uncover and pursue fulfillment in life.

What I am up to these days:
Every day I learn and read and write and walk; these are my favorite things to do. My day job as a Human Resources Director is fascinating and challenging and I get to work with great people while continuing my growth as a coach and writer.  In the evenings the goal is to attempt to wrangle my amazing 14 year-old son into greater homework and character building activities while trying to maintain my sense of humor (and his). Meditation usually helps. In keeping with the food and fire theme, I love to cook for my chef husband after his day of cooking for others.

I want more of:
Spending time with remarkable family and friends. Personal and leadership development. Working with others to help them uncover their unique path and highest contribution. Sharing ideas and collaborating to find fulfillment and harmony every day. More travel, music, and nature.